Visit the beautiful village of Puycelsi


Visit the beautiful village of Puycelsi, one of ‘les plus beaux villages de France’ which is draped across the top of a hill in the Tarn. It is about a 20-minute drive from le Domaine de Perches.

Visit the beautiful village of PuycelsiThe village can be seen for miles around. As you wind up the hill to the centre, you can’t help but feel you are going back in time. And as you reach the top, you are blown away by the breathtaking views across the Grèsigne Forest.


Tourists to the Tarn, visit the beautiful village of Puycelsi for its historical background. But they also for the surrounding walks in stunning countryside. A well-trodden trail is the Sentier du Patrimoine which follows the Audoulou stream through the cool forest. Crossing wooden bridges along the way, the walk reaches a little waterfall of the same name.  A circular route, you can stop and have a picnic by the stream. Or, you can make your way back to the village for lunch at one of several lovely restaurants there.Visit the beautiful village of Puycelsi


A popular village eatery is ‘Au Cabanon‘, at the entrance to the medieval village. Run by a young couple who determinedly use only local produce such as organic wine by La Vigneureuse, Marine Leys, or the local goat’s cheese Le Pic, made just up the road in Penne by the Remond family since 1977. The family also own the fabulous La Fromagerie Saint Pierre in the centre of Gaillac.

The BBC recently produced a beautiful nature film on an amorous red squirrel living in the centre of the village in their series ‘Wild Tales from the Village’. It beautifully shows off the village, albeit from the rooftops. For a more grounded experience, it is possible to have a guided tour and take in the Chapel of Saint Roch and the Church of Saint Corneille. And there is even a local orchard which runs a project to plant and protect old fruit species.


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